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About a month ago I bought a snare, and thought I’d beat it around a bit to see how I liked it. The truth is that I fell in love with it, so I ordered the rest of the whole kit. These drums are built very much like acoustic drums are made, so they feel and react exactly like an acoustic drum. I’m still using the same samples from my Alesis DM-10 brain, but the triggering is so much more accurate and all my crosstalk issues are now eliminated. Even the sticking dynamics are more precise, so when I hit soft they sound soft and when I hit hard they sound loud. You simply can’t get closer to acoustic feel and dynamics on an e-kit than Laurin Drums.

Frank Cosentino, Bothell Washington, USA

Did I tell you how much I love this snare!!!!! Even the rim works better than the Alesis pad, and I can do those light jazz rim clicks that I didn't think I could do with an e-kit.

I am no longer on the fence about the rest of the kit, and am ready to get pricing for two 10" toms, two 12" toms, and one bass drum with spurs, all with "The Road" design.

Frank Cosentino

I received my new snare yesterday and 1st of all, it's beautiful. I played with the different snare models on my Roland TD-12 and found the perfect match with the PD120 setting. It plays so well and really gives me that acoustic feel i've been missing. The 12" snare is the perfect size for my setup. 
You have an awesome product and I will be ordering the rest of the kit as soon as possible. I will also tell all of my drummer friends about your company. 


Joe Carr, Fort Collins, CO

Just received my 12" snare today and have played it until midnight. So far, I absolutely love it!  Works great with my Roland TD-9 module. My 14 year old says it is SICK!  I am pretty sure that is a good comment from the high school freshman.  


Can see me changing out all my pads in the near future. Keep up the great work and fast delivery.

Mike Wood , Dunn, North Carolina

Received the drums on Monday and I absolutely love them.
The build is very solid, they're quiet and the response is spot on.
I tried about half a dozen of Roland Yamaha's and Alesis kits and these are way better than any of the ones I tried.
I'll be placing an order for cymbal pack shortly.
I'll also post about the kit on our company's Facebook page to let our followers know about you :)
Thank you so much, talk to you soon!


Tomas Ronkainen

Today I received the bass drum!  It looks great and works perfectly! Good job! I like it so much!
I played three hours continuously and indeed enjoyed my new bass drum.
The feeling is much more acoustic-like than on my previous bass drum.

Szabolcs (France)

(Received my snare) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...Oh Canada THANK YOU! Your work  is superb, and I am seriously considering some toms down the are at the top of my "go-to" list.  Cymbals are definitely a priority at the moment...
              Sean A.

Sean Anthony

Thanks for the drum. Very fast shipped!It looks and feels great. The internals also look much more solid than mine alesis pad does.I was able to shine a light through the skin, looks good!If i had only found these before i got my kit id have all your pads lol. Maybe once all my alesis pads break i will replace them with more of yours!Thanks again. Great doing business with you

Krystin Smith

Your drums far exceeded my expectations!  I've been having so much fun playing them that I'd like to order the rest of the set!  In my case, that's two 10" toms and one 12" snare.   I will definitely tell everyone I know about your products!


Kevin O'Flarity

Bought one of your cymbals, I have built my own electronic kit and always struggled with cymbal reaction..your cymbal so far is super responsive and look forward to buying a few more

Malcolm Scott

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