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High end mesh pads with beautiful designs proudly made by Laurin Drums Inc.


All with durable 2 ply mesh heads.


Snares, toms and floor toms are dual zones (head + rim) and the rim protection rubber is included.


Guaranteed for 1 year.



About the Artist:


H l ne Caron's paintings are known for the vibrancy of their colors and the unique technique she uses. 


Her subjects affect each and every viewer.


In her own contemporary style, she presents a balance between the realistic portrait, the textures she applies, and the emotions of the animal she depicts.


Done mostly on wood panel, paintings by H l ne Caron always nourish curiosity, sensitivity, and the amusement of those who catch a glimpse.



Bobby Bear (by H l ne Caron)

  • All mesh pads are produced within 5 business days and shipped worldwide.