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High end mesh pads with beautiful designs proudly made by Laurin Drums Inc.

In collaboration with painter Isabelle Tellier.


All with durable 2 ply mesh heads.


Snares, toms and floor toms are dual zones (head + rim) and the rim protection rubber is included.


Guaranteed for 1 year.



About Isabelle Tellier:

Born in St-Marcel de Richelieu on the family farm, as a child, I spent my days in my room drawing and creating animated film scripts. Movement and light have always attracted me.   I studied at the CEGEP of Old Montreal in art. I entered the job market and like many artists I put aside my passion to devote myself to my family life. When the children were older, I took oil painting classes and perfected myself with other artists in workshops.

I am an active member of the Free Painting Workshop of Saint-Hyacinthe. I fell in love with a type of sculpture made of recycled materials, so I took a sculpture course and since then I've been creating. The creation by sculpture gives me much more freedom of movement. I try to incorporate softness into the movements and avoid static positions. I am very much inspired by dance. 

My artistic movements change over time, transforms just as Life is in motion. I love what time brings me. For me touching matter is important. I create my own papers with different textures, assemble them in creations. I don't necessarily sketch, but sometimes do, as I like to let the color come randomly, the movements of the brush and what my self-prepared paper with different colors and textures bring me. I like to make the observer feel something. If an emotion is felt and the observer shares it with me, my goal is achieved. For my sculptures, I seek to see and feel movement, gentleness, feeling and self-assertion.  I fell in love with sculpture. Maybe my paper works are a bit like sculpture since I touch the material.  I continue to improve my skills by taking one-day workshops with different artists. I also give workshops to tech my methods.



Bull (By Isabelle Tellier)

  • All mesh pads are produced within 5 business days and shipped worldwide.